Widdle Wascals

Widdle Wascals Silicone Sensory Baby Teether Keys – BPA Free Teething Toy – Keeps Babies Happy, Soothes Sore Gums – Great For Development

Widdle Wascals

About the product
  • BPA Free and Non-Toxic. **If not completely satisfied – Money back guarantee **
  • Multi-textured surfaces help to aid in soothing baby’s teething pain.
  • The bright colors hold your baby’s attention and the keys have a hard and soft texture. Great for stimulating your baby.
  • The baby teether keys have a variety of uses, can be used as a rattle, in the bath, and can even be stored in the fridge to help soothe your baby’s gums.
  • Unisex colors make it a great gift for a baby boy or girl.



Product description

Widdle Wascals 2Widdle Wascals Baby Teether Keys are a bright colorful teether that can be used in multiple ways. Our baby teether keys comply with all baby safety standards.

Our keys help with sore gums and the bright colors and textures help to aid in development and stimulation of your baby’s senses. The hard and soft texture are a great learning tool for your baby’s mouth and fingers.

Widdle Wascals Baby Teether Keys offer hours of fun, not only can they be used as a teether, they can be used in the bathtub, and even as a rattle. The ring on the keys allows the teether to hang from a stroller, playpen, crib, bouncer chair, highchair, baby carrier, and so much more. Add the teether keys to your baby’s favorite toy. The teething keys can be used from the age of a newborn to a toddler.

The baby teether keys can be placed in the fridge to help soothe your baby’s gums.Widdle Wascals 1

To Use:

• Remove all packaging and fasteners before giving to your baby.
• Clean thoroughly before first use.
• Wash with warm soapy water and mild detergent.
• Rinse well with clean water and air dry.
• Do not boil, microwave, or place in the dishwasher.
• Always use with adult supervision.

Customer Reviews

I have a teething baby in the house and he’s constantly in discomfort. I’ve tried nearly anything I can find to help soothe him and this is a nice toy for just that!
•The keys are removable. So baby can play with all or one at a time.
•I washed them with hot water and soap before I have them to my baby. They dried very fast.
•Colors are gender neutral.
•Packaging is like store packaging and it’s ready to gift for a baby shower.
•The ring is textured with small bumps along the ring. It’s made of plastic.
•The tops of the keys (green, orange, yellow) are also plastic and textured.
•The key bottoms (red, yellow & green) are super soft and also textured.
•My son liked all of it. The hard and soft of the keys and the key ring. I think just feeling different textures and soft or hard. Must be soothing on his gums.
I would’ve liked the whole thing to be a soft rubber material rather than have the hard plastic but these teethers were baby tested and he didn’t seem the mind the plastic one bit!
Great quality, bright colors, easy to clean and keys can be removed if need be. Baby approved!



















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