BabyKr Premium Silicone

BabyKr Premium Silicone Baby Food Feeder, Happy Fresh Fruit Teething Toy Nibbler, Green

BabyKr Premium Silicone

You can introduce baby to new flavors, with a significantly reduced risk of choking. Some great foods to start with are soft foods like bananas, avocado, (clean right away so banana/avocado residue doesn’t dry and stick), cooked peas, cooked peaches, cooked sweet potatoes, cooked carrots, or cooked skinless apples. Then as baby’s jaw gets stronger, you can try foods like cooked chicken or raw skinless apples or pears. What a fun way to explore new flavors .

About the product
  • Safety and quality: Bpa free, fda tested
  • Silicon nibbler: Can introduce baby to new flavors, with a significantly reduced risk of chocking
  • Reduces colic: Flexible handle that splits-up burping gases
  • Durable design and easy to clean: Top level dishwasher safe and changeable silicon nibbler
  • Relieve teething pain: With just adding something cold or chewy such as watermelon

From the manufacturer


Flexible Handle

Flexible handle that moves up and down helps lead the nutrients to the silicone nibbler and splits-upburping gases.

Multi-Purpose Feeder Stand

The feeder comes with a cap and extra stand to help keep the feeder sanitized as well as keeping the fruit feeder fresh and ready in the fridge.

Safe Twist Off

Screw On/off opening is the safest way to fill the feeder without any sharp edges unlike the other models.

Introduce Baby to New Flavors

It provides opportunities for babies to explore sensory input all around the mouth, rather than just the front of the mouth like most teething toys. This is so important for oral development!

You can introduce baby to new flavors, with a significantly reduced risk of choking. What a fun way to explore new flavors!

Customer Reviews

 I used a very similar product which was also from Korea for my toddler when he was starting on solids and now that I’m using this for my six month old I remember what I dislike about these devices.

Firstly the silicone feeder is too large for my baby’s mouth. I think it’s better suited for an eight month old. If you do not put enough in it to “push” the food all the way to the top your baby will not be able to taste much and will just be gumming the silicon as the food will keep “falling/slipping down” due to gravity. Perhaps you could try frozen foods as they are harder and would maintain the shape better but then you would have to make sure the pieces of frozen fruit would fit properly into the feeder and also not leave too many empty air pockets ..

It’s easy to wash but there’s a gap in the orange portion where the silicon part meets the plastic holder. Food can get stuck there and even if you can wash it in the dishwasher or use a brush to scrub it off it’s something I’m simply not comfortable taking a risk with. Unfortunately I bought two of these devices before realizing this. However the one plus point is that these are definitely better than the fabric mesh type feeders which are impossible to clean and just breed bacteria (try using banana in those.. you’ll never get it out!)

I will update if i find a way to better perfect my usage of these… or maybe my baby just needs to grow a little more!



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